A new paradigm in hospitality
Kukun is to make each destination a home in the meantime… Because our home is the world, and appreciation and respect for the identity of each culture reinforces our belonging to the better world that we all want to help build.
Our clients look for depth in the places they visit, they are not victims of a first impression, no matter how wonderful the destination they visit.
In Kukun we want to create lasting impressions, emotional bonds between destinations and travelers. Therefore, our mission is to create emotional links betweeen travelers and destinations.
This is why...
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We are local, but we are global. We understand the culture of each destination as the beginning of every experience.
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We create hand in hand with the most original people in each destination's culture: folk artists, artisans, artists, changarros
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We seek to surprise from the first moment by presenting details that demonstrate the culture of the place visited in a fresh and spontaneous way.
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We use technology to expand and make accessible the ocean of opportunities that each destination offers.
In addition, we want you to know
We never get too confident, because inertia is the worst enemy.
We hate the predictable, the boring, the lack of audacity, the reluctance.
And even though we make mistakes, we don't stop learning to always be better.
And don't forget...